Thursday, 5 July 2018

200 years Frankenstein

The second part of the evening is also dedicated to Artificial Intelligence: Two hundred years after the publication of Mary Shelley's novel "Frankenstein" in 1818, it still speaks to us directly as a myth about contemporary life. 


The creature created by the young Swiss student Victor Frankenstein has entered into pop culture under his name. "Frankenstein" is not only an icon of the horror genre, but – in times of Artificial Intelligence – still a burning issue: what if man is no longer in control of his creation?


A scenic reading after Mary Shelley (Premiere),

read and performed by Fabienne HadornRahel Hubacher and Live-Sounds by MM (-OUS),

directed by Gesa Schneider.

The event is held in German.


Doors 9.15 PM

Event Start 10 PM

Tickets 15 CHF 

(This event is included in the ticket for the reading with Clemens J. Setz)